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Jesse Malan | Relationship Coaching for Couples | Based in St. George, Utah

Helping dozens of couples to save their marriage, communicate more openly, and have that relationship they’ve always wanted.

Transform your relationship in 6 visits or less, or your money back.

In Person & Online appointments available.

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Jesse Malan & His Family

Having a positive relationship with a spouse or a soul mate is the most rewarding thing I have ever experienced in my life.

But you see, it wasn’t always that way for me. and unfortunately, it’s not that way for many people either.

That is why I became a relationship coach. I want to help other couples to have and feel that same connection and for each of them to get the most fullfillment possible from their relationship.


What would your relationship look like if you…

Knew How to Communicate Effectively

Have meaningful conversations, and convey your thoughts in a way that will be understood by your partner.

Were Freed From Addictions & Bad Habits

Conquer personal problems of anger, depression, pornography, money addiction, substance abuse, etc.

Let Yourself Forgive & Heal

Find out what’s holding you back in life and causing you to repeat bad experiences. Then, happily move on and love your life again.

Renewed Your Love For Each Other

Have meaningful conversations, and convey your thoughts in a way that will be understood by your partner.


“I’ve gone to a counselor before, and all I got out of it was being told “this is what you’re feeling” type of answers. It’s one thing to get help recognizing what your issues are, but what I really loved about these coaching sessions was learning what to do about it so that I can get out of it. That has been a huge thing for me – learning how to overcome and get through those struggles.

Throughout the program, I felt so comfortable, and Jesse was always very genuine and real. He truly wanted to help and had the knowledge to be able to share the things I needed. Even now that I’ve finished the program, I’ve got a lot of skills and knowledge to help me continue progressing myself.

I’m seeing that my relationships can improve. I feel like I’ve come a real long way – and that’s just been in a couple of months.”


“We struggled with both sides of us feeling unwanted and not who we wanted to be with. Pretty much just let everything go and gave up. Our problems made me feel horrible, unloved, unwanted, and not good enough. But the process of working with Jesse has been an awesome experience! You have pointed out things we didn’t even see. You have been amazing help!!

Things are much better now, we communicate a lot better than we have. These meetings have been a huge help for us.
I feel confident today, then I did when we first started. I was ready to give up and thought the meetings would not be helpful, but they have helped sooo much.”

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