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“I’ve gone to a counselor before, and all I got out of it was being told “this is what you’re feeling” type of answers. It’s one thing to get help recognizing what your issues are, but what I really loved about these coaching sessions was learning what to do about it so that I can get out of it. That has been a huge thing for me – learning how to overcome and get through those struggles.

Throughout the program, I felt so comfortable, and Jesse was always very genuine and real. He truly wanted to help and had the knowledge to be able to share the things I needed. Even now that I’ve finished the program, I’ve got a lot of skills and knowledge to help me continue progressing myself.

I’m seeing that my relationships can improve. I feel like I’ve come a real long way – and that’s just been in a couple of months.”


We were dealing with my wife’s affair and lack of communication. I felt betrayed, lied to and worthless. I felt like I didn’t mean anything to her. Working with Jesse was a very freeing experience. He is knowledgeable and made the process comfortable and stress relieving. Through it I felt equal.

My wife and I now have better communication, we actually have meaningful conversations and work out solutions. I feel like we appreciate each other more.

I now feel more knowledgeable, less stressful, calmer, easier to talk to and more connected with my wife.


“Starting the program, I didn’t have good communication with my spouse and didn’t feel good about myself. I felt like I was doing everything by myself all the time, without any help from my husband or kids. Now I can communicate with him in a way that makes sense to him. That became better the more I found out about myself and about our different communication types. In finding out how to talk with him and the kids better, my house became cleaner, and I started to become more organized. Then with things around me feeling better, I started feeling better about myself too.”


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